Maria 5 Beach Teppanyaki is the first open-air Teppanyaki in Europe, right in front of Camp de Mar beach and under the Majorcan sky.
Our Teppanyaki is a combination of Asian & Mediterranean cuisine, including top quality products from Eastern flavours and Western side dishes, designed by our distinguished Master Teppanyaki Chef Andri Bastian.
Join us and live a full experience where food & show performance merge together in front of the beach.


Andri Bastian prepares each dish in front of your eyes in an extravagant live performance. At our Teppanyaki Dinner & Show, the food is cooked live in front of you.

Maria 5 Beach Teppanyaki features Omaha Tenderloin Beef, Nagasaki Wagyu Beef, and carefully selected seafood, including Australian Lobster and Jumbo Tiger Prawn.

One of the best things about ordering Teppanyaki is that you can tell your Teppanyaki chef how you want your dish prepared. You can also determine the type and amount of seasoning and oil you want in the dish. And whether you prefer Wagyu Beef, US Beef Tenderloin, Iberico Pork Tenderloin, King Prawns, Lobster, Salmon and Seabass, you will be sure to come away satisfied.

Maria 5 Beach Teppanyaki also allows private parties up to 20 people, making the restaurant versatile and suitable for many different occasions.


The guests are seated at a large table with a teppan grill in the middle, while our chef stands by the table and performs a show for them. It starts with the tools, in which the knife, fork, and spatula are tossed, flipped, drummed, and clanged together. Next, the chef skilfully chops and dices the food, and then quickly sets the grill aflame, creating a feast that’s both culinary and visually entertaining.

The chef may also introduce new tricks and variations, including:

  • Catching an egg in the Cheff’s hat.
  • Throwing an egg in the air and splitting it with a spatula.
  • Flipping flattened pieces of egg into the mouths of guests.


Andri Bastian, originally from Bali (Indonesia) has a long experience career as a chef, he specialized in Teppanyaki style long time ago, as he developed and built the concept in restaurants all around the world from New York City, Tulsa (USA), London (UK), Aix en Provence (France), Palma and now in Camp de Mar.